The first feature of the Liquid Finance protocol is Staking.

On the app, the user should navigate to the "Stake" tab. This is where users will deposit the ARCH tokens to receive sARCH tokens in return.

The amount of sARCH tokens received are based on the current sARCH exchange rate which will be displayed in the confirmation message before submitting the transaction.

When a user deposits their ARCH tokens, Liquid Finance will stake them on the Archway Network and will delegate them across the protocols Validator set.

Liquid Finance automatically compounds staking rewards for the user by claiming available rewards and then re-staking them back within the protocol.

This allows holders of sARCH to passively benefit from the compounding of Archway staking rewards without having to perform any other transactions manually.

The projected staking APY is displayed on the app as well, calculated by taking the current Archway staking rewards and projecting a daily compound.

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