The second feature of the Liquid Finance protocol is Unstaking.

On the app, the user should navigate to the "Unstake" tab. This is where users will redeem their sARCH tokens for the underlying share of ARCH tokens they represent.

Within the Unstake feature, users will have two options to choose from:

Instant Unstake

When choosing this option users will be able to instantly unstake their sARCH tokens, automatically redeeming them for their share of the underlying ARCH tokens they represent.

For access to this liquidity privilege users will be charged a 1% instant unstaking fee which is applied to the exchange rate.

Instant unstaking is only available to users based on how much liquidity is present in the Liquid Finance Instant Unstaking Queue. The app will display how much liquidity is present in the queue at any given time.

This means that while enough liquidity is present to properly redeem the necessary ARCH tokens when taking to account the current exchange rate and instant unstaking fee, the transaction will be successful.

However, if there is not enough liquidity present the transaction will fail and users will need to either choose to continue holding sARCH, using the Delayed Unstake feature or perform a swap via a 3rd party dApp.

Delayed Unstake

When choosing this option users will undergo the traditional unstaking process of the Archway Network, which means the protocol will undelegate the proper amount of ARCH tokens and then will submit and unstaking request for those tokens.

The traditional unstaking period for ARCH tokens on the Archway Network is typically ~21-24 days. However, unique to Liquid Finance is that 25 days is the maximum amount of time that will be required to unstake you sARCH tokens.

Typically our delayed unstaking period will be much faster than traditional unstaking requests because protocol first matches both new ARCH deposits as well as claimed ARCH staking rewards with delayed unstaking requests before staking them within the protocol.

We plan to work with 3rd party monitoring/alerting services in the future to help notify users of the delayed unstake feature when their ARCH tokens are available to be claimed on the platform.

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