Liquid Finance has a multisig that governs the main smart contracts of the protocol. The multisig group is composed of 5 validators within the Archway Network.

Multisig signers are in charge of governing the upgradeability of these smart contracts, the addition/removal of multisig signers, the addition/removal of participants within the Validator set and changing the protocol’s configuration parameters.

Currently, the multisig signers also compose the Liquid Finance whitelisted validator set. This validator set receives the delegation from the Liquid Finance Stake Pool which is distributed evenly across the set.

Our multisig signers are the following:

  1. Lydia Labs

    • Signer wallet: archway155yrpskd0zc4zcgxja8095ves4te5sjry8f25m

  2. DSRV

    • Signer wallet: archway1zttnm2cl60m5ffsrfeqtzkmtvepl4hwndgpfm5

  3. P2P Validator

    • Signer wallet: archway17asaxre8kqqx7q0c4scgpaahlxjp0aqf0fswvs

  4. B-Harvest

    • Signer wallet: archway184nalnwd3tjpdc4sfw5e70ttzgkdypduj83k4p

  5. Cosmostation

    • Signer wallet: archway15xeweuucx5f30erc5934pfapywfm5uf9kczhdv

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