Instant unstaking your sARCH tokens

Navigate to the Liquid Finance application. Ensure the "Unstake" tab is being utilized

Click on "Connect Wallet" in the top right

Click on "Archway Wallet" to connect your wallet to the platform

Once your wallet is connected, you must have sARCH tokens to proceed.

First, ensure the "Instant Unstake" option is selected

Then input the amount of sARCH tokens you would like to turn in to redeem for ARCH from the platform

  • Users also have the option when clicking on the text field to choose between 25%/50%/75%/100% of their token balance to turn in

  • When users click on the sARCH "balance" they are inputting their entire sARCH balance

Once satisfied with your input amount click "Unstake"

Ensure all the information in the confirmation message is correct and then click "Unstake" again

  • Note: using the Instant Unstaking option incurs a 1% fee

It's recommended (if using Keplr) to click on Transaction Fee -> Low to ensure you are paying a lower transaction fee. Once satisfied with the wallet confirmation, click "Approve" to submit the transaction

Now you're done! If your transaction was submitted to the network successfully and enough liquidity was available your sARCH tokens will have been swapped for ARCH tokens and should now be in your wallet 🚀

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